What is a Pastorate?

A pastorate is a mid-sized group (25-30 people) that meets fortnightly for food, fellowship, teaching and prayer. Our Tuesday Night Pastorate meets every second Tuesday night during the school term from 7.00 – 9.00pm. Although some of the intimacy of a traditional ‘small group’ (up to a dozen people) is lost , there are three big advantages:

1. It is easier to join a larger group than it is to break into an established small group of people who know each other well

2. It is more stable. If six people are away in a normal small group, the group stops functioning. If six are away in a group of 25, you hardly notice.

3. It is easier to plant new groups. You can send a core of 8 people to plant a new Pastorate, without threatening the sending group.

Why is a Pastorate Effective for Growth?

  • Safe place of integration (big enough)
  • Safe place of experimentation (small enough)
  • Safe place for invitation
  • Safe place of preparation
  • Safe place of transformation


Purposes of a Pastorate

  • Means to incorporate new Christians into fellowship
  • Mechanism for introducing people to unique Christian practices – worship prayer etc.
  • Engine for church growth
  • Tool for discipleship
  • Space for the safe and measured discovery and exercise of spiritual gifts

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