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Baptism is a gift that God has given to the church as a visible demonstration of things he does in our lives, behind the scenes. Water is, of course, the primary element – water washes and cleanses as well as brings refreshment and life.

There is nothing magical about baptism, but it is a sacrament (sacred moment), a moment when God acts in this world to both challenge and bless. Water is used to immerse us in a reality, in a faith, in a community in which we experience cleasning (a bath), a new start (burial) and a new family (belonging).

Baptism is offered at Toowong Uniting Church by full immersion for those embracing the Christian Faith for the first time. It is also available for children whose parents wish to identify them with the New Covenant. In this case the baptism is conducted based on the parent’s faith with the prayer that the child will one day experience the fullness of life that Jesus promisd to his followers (John 10:10). For those wishing to allow their children to make their own decision at a later time, we would be delighted to share in a Service of Dedication and Thanksgiving for a new-born child.

In keeping with the commitment and promises that parents make during a baptismal service, we ask that at least one parent from a prospective baptismal family complete our Three Course – a basic Christianity course.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss baptism further.

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